Aug 11, 2019

Assholes Everywhere

The comments on this page are hilarious.  My wife saw something like this silliness on EuroNews this morning and was convinced I'd be impressed. 

Putin rides like a conservative politician; terrified and awfully. He and his asshole biker buddies are exactly the kind of nitwits we have parading around the Mississippi River Valley every weekend. I'm tellin' you, the apocalypse can't come soon enough. Humans have clearly down-bred to the point of no return.


  1. Thomas,

    The Nightwolves are no more motorcyclists than any other gang round the world who happen to use two wheels to proclaim their masculinity and contempt for social norms. Personally, I blame Brando. I keep my blood pressure in check by largely ignoring them, even the weekend warriors who pretend to be lawless.

    In NZ, I've noticed some "gang" members seem to be forsaking Hardly Ablesons, presumably because it's hard to look tough when waiting for the AA to come and retrieve your broken-down bike from the roadside. They are now buying Ducati Diavels which I would have thought wasn't much of an improvement. Some are buying Rocket 3's. These are quick and it can be argued that they even handle. Perhaps there's a rogue gene in these people which will pull us back from the brink :-)

    1. All true. I'd have to blame Fonda and Hopper for at least as much stupidity as Brando. ;-) I keep hoping for rogue genes to solve all of humanity's problems. Obviously, the genes that are most common are not sustainable.

  2. I don't know what is more disturbing, to read those comments or to watch Putin riding a motorcycle.

  3. Now I know what Russian trolls do when they're not interfering in US elections.

  4. Now I know what Russian trolls do when they're not interfering in US elections.

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