Mar 8, 2019

2019's Six eMotorcycles

Design News Magazine recently ran one of those irritating multipage articles about "Six Electric Motorcycles That You Can Buy In 2019." The six are Zero's SR/F, Harley's butt-ugly Livewire with an MSRP of $29,799, the Italian Energica Ego at $22,565 and 9 dealers spread at the far reaches of continental North America, the $38,888 to $47,000 Lightning LS-218 Superbike, KTM's off-road-only Freeride E-XC ready-to-race at $8,299, and the New Zealand-based Ubco 2018 2x2 a two-wheel-drive scooter/thing with an MSRP of $6,999.

I don't know about you, but the ONLY one of those motorcycles I could afford to consider is the Ubco.  With a top speed of 30mph, the Ubco is a moped, not a motorcycle. The Ubco's 75 mile range puts it in moped territory, practically speaking.