Aug 13, 2016

The "Test?"

Not only is this the test that so many motorcyclists take the BRC to avoid failing, but this is a pretty typical "rider" who can pass this embarrassingly simple collection of skills and become a licensed motorcyclist.


  1. In the UK they'd fail the test before they started. No gloves and by the looks of it no jacket either. A pitiful level of skill required.

  2. It is both embarrassing and discouraging that our license test is so remedial. Having taught the MSF's "Experienced Rider Course" (renamed a couple of years ago "Basic Rider Course II" and this year "Intermediate Rider Course") for 15 years, I am here to tell you that having a US motorcycle license is almost a badge of incompetence. You would not believe how poorly people who have been street-legal handle their motorcycles.

    What I can't determine is if requiring better skills translates into lower morbidity/mortality statistics. It seems like almost every country's motorcycle stats are close to the same, although I did read something a few years back about Japan's morbidity/mortality numbers being way down because, at least in part, because of their increased testing and tiered licensing.


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