Jun 19, 2014

Russian Genius

I clearly need to learn more about this vehicle. However, the Russian Taurus 2×2 All-Terrain Motorcycle is pretty amazing. Here's what I "know" at this point:


Anticipated Price: "DIY kits" ("Anyone having the skills and drill grinder can build yourself ATV," per Google Translate) will be available, about US$1,000
Axels: 2x2
Max Speed: 60 km/hr (37mph)
Transmission: centrifugal clutch-transmission,  gears - 3
Engine: 4 cycle, 5-5.5 hp.
Brakes: brake disc on the intermediate shaft
Max Carrying Capacity: 180 kg. (397 pounds)
Tank Capacity: 3-5l  (0.8-1/3 gallons-US)
Fuel Consumption: 1.2-liters/hour (0.32 gallons/hour)
Wheels: 740 mm. width, 220 mm diameter (29.1", 8.8"?)
Tire Pressure: 0.13 kg/cm. (1.8psi)
Ground Clearance: 370 mm.(14.5")
Max Turning Angle (front fork): 55-degrees
Seat Height: 750 mm. (29.5")
Dry Weight: 47-50 kg. (~110 pounds)
Disassembly Time: 20 seconds to 4 min. (includes two bags in the trunk of the Oka)

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