Nov 14, 2011

And an Equally Related/Valid/Scary Point

Thanks, Paul,

5 Things Your Kids Won't Learn in Drivers' Ed — But Should


Anonymous said...

Do you really think that the average inconsiderate and incapable cager of today is going to be made that much worse by the addition or subtraction of technology? See for evidence of just how stupid some people can be! Parking sensors or not, these people will find some way to trash themselves. The real problem is finding a way to minimise the damage they inflict on others.

T.W. Day said...

Absolutely. I think lowering the entry point for individual vehicle operation is definitely going to create more "average inconsiderate and incapable cagers." It will encourage even more incapacity and put more mentally crippled drivers on the road. Of course, I think the same of automatic transmissions, paved roads (especially freeways), and maintenance-free vehicles. People who don't know me think I'm kidding when I say I'm all for plowing up streets and highways, replacing them with public transportation and minimally maintained trails. If you need pavement, you belong on the bus or train. That's my perfect world.

Anonymous said...

"I'm all for plowing up streets and highways"

Given the way our roads are maintained these days, your wish seems to be coming true!

T.W. Day said...

It's not happening fast enough. Passive avoidance is not nearly as effective as active destruction. Bring back snow chains, studded tires, and let semis bring the same kind of havoc to residential streets they lay on highways. In a few short winters, we'll be all the way back to bedrock.