Jun 6, 2011


I worked at a range next to a pack of Hardly noise makers yesterday. My stock answer, when students ask "What do you think about loud pipes?" Is, "Watch South Park."

That's all there is to say about the question.


Chris said...

I worked next to a noisy range this past weekend too. It was a challenge to project over the loud pipes.

that episode is classic :)

T.W. Day said...

You shoulda been "there." If the state is obligated to put us in reflective vests for our safety, there is an equally valid OSHA hearing protection requirement. It is idiotic that our program allows illegal pipes onto to a state course. More evidence that cops don't have the guts to be cops. Yeah, I'm pissed about this.

Chris said...

my sympathies to you and your co. I can only imagine how loud it was 10' a way. I might have used my ear plugs.