Jul 3, 2018

Memories on My Luggage

Turned out, the big thing I missed about my 12 year partner in travel, my 2004 DL650 V-Strom, was getting to see those place-marker stickers on the luggage and right side cover. The guy who bought the bike, Paul Purdes, generously took excellent pictures of the cases and stickers which my wife will make into a collage that I can hang on my office wall. In the meantime, I put his pictures and some of my favorite memories of that motorcycle into a video that I can enjoy right now. Hopefully, you find something entertaining in it also. 


  1. Nice video. A lot of memories there...

  2. Very nice...Were all your travels with stock seat? I left stock seat on my DL 650, but use air hawk for long trips. What a great motorcycle. I’m on my 2nd one!

    1. I swapped out the stock seat in the first few months of owning my V-Strom. As part of a magazine review, I bought a Sargent seat and a friend went for the Saddlemen seat. Both were an improvement over stock, but the Sargent was perfect for me.


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