May 24, 2017

Crash Analysis

Take a look at this video and measure yourself and your take on this crash against the incident and the opinions expressed in the comments section.

It’s probably more than a little obvious that I put more than a little blame on the biker (I hesitate to call him a “motorcyclist.”) because his “braking” attempt was so lame and his assumption that the job of everyone in the world was to be looking out for a speeding motorcyclist. I used to see this kind of oblivious-to-reality lane splitting in CA all the time and, like this guy, they were astounded and hysterically angry when ever their mindless riding tactics knocked them on their asses. I'm a little surprised that I don't see this kind of crash every day in Red Wing. Pretty much ever rider on this kind of lame-ass machine is incapable of the most basic evasive maneuvers.


  1. He's a biker, for sure. No sense of personal responsibility at all.

  2. Couple of thoughts - I thought the rider was going a little fast, I didn't see much breaking action and to support the need for riders to predict potential hazards, note the cel phone on the drivers lap. I guess the rider had no escape route planned. Bad way to ride.

  3. I wouldn't drive a car the way he approached the slowing cars. I have to assume he wasn't looking as the braking was crazy weak and lagged.

  4. I have to call this one at 50-50. The driver was totally wrong crossing into the outer lane, obviously not looking, but the guy on the bike should have been on the brakes the moment the car started moving over.
    When I see a car making a move like that (crossing two lanes at once) the warning bells go off for me.


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