Mar 4, 2013

How to Act When You Rear End A Motorcycle

And now for something to really piss you off, a braindead cop with (yet another) an attitude:

Nothing like misplaced, misbegotten, unearned power to make a boy in a Village People outfit act like an asshole.


  1. More than the scenery, more than the ridiculous signs and bumper stickers I see, it's things like this that make me want a helmet cam, or at least a camera mounted permanently and inconspicuously to my motorcycle, car, and bicycle.

  2. Also: Nothing like the terror of having a motorist video tape you rear-ending them to make a normally mildly obnoxious cop into a a true asshole.

    I was watching the cop and thinking "There's a guy who's afraid this rider is going to take him to court. Because he knows if the guy manages to get it to trial, there's not a jury in the world who wouldn't jump at the chance to convict an obnoxious cop."

  3. Wow, I hope his insurance company went after the cops to fix his bike.

    Working for a criminal defense attorney for 12 years has really opened my eyes to law enforcement officials. There are good ones and there are very bad ones. Sad really.

  4. I bet there's a trail of crap that cop has trailing in his files. One more reprimand from the public relations office & he's on parking ticket patrol. "what do we need" is my favorite line.....

  5. As per the poster on youtube, "Officer Eugen Holm retired yesterday in lieu of being fired." Yeah, got caught not reporting an accident, plus being an asshole on camera ;-)

    Though after living in Las Vegas a bit, my minimum vehicle is something more like an MRAP (truck designed to withstand Improvised Explosive Devices). And I seem to recall that they have a nasty low limit for the states liability in such a situation, $50?

    1. Good riddance. The story would have a much happier ending if this jackass wasn't one the public dole for the rest of his criminal life.


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