Feb 15, 2015

How to Know When You Have too Much Money

All you 1%'ers, it's time to put in your bid. Only $17,500 for one of Yamaha's more fragile designs (I had an unwanted side business replacing XT500 top-ends back in the 80's). Remember this little beauty sold for about $1500 when it was knew, unknown, and mildly competitive. So, my title probably should add "and too little sense" to be complete.


Unknown said...

This is irrelevant to the XT500 really. It could be almost anything that somebody, having spent a lot of time and money customising it to their taste, thinks that everybody else will have the same taste and they can get that money back.

A good clean and usable XT5000 is selling for around £2500 here, with examples being advertised for up to £6000 in 'show' condition (but probably not selling).

Paul Y said...

It's still a silly price, but the fit, finish and level of workmanship is way beyond the typical Craigslist "cafe racer" which is seldom more than removed fenders, exhausts hacked off under the engine and a rattle can flat black paint job with a set of clubman bars. For which the asking price is usually twice that of a nice clean and complete example of the same bike.

T.W. Day said...

I guess the capitalist's "a thing is worth what someone will pay for it" is true. While I loved the XT600, I thought the XT500 was almost as big a mess as Honda's XR500, engine, suspension, and weight-wise. I've said it before, but "customized" means "totally screwed up" to me.