Nov 19, 2012

Loud Pipes and Perfect Pitch

In a world full of cruelty and misery, this has to be pretty close to the cruelest, most miserable sound on earth: the unearthly blend of potato-potato and the screech of bagpipes.

It does, however, remind me of my favorite musician joke. Do you know the definition of "perfect pitich?" It's when you throw a banjo into a dumpster and it skewers a bagpipe.


  1. I love bagpipes, having grown up in BC listening to them, but I don't think they'd sound good mixed with potato potato, lol

  2. You know why bagpipers walk while they play, right? It's to get away from the noise...

    OK, I love bagpipes. Well played, they're a fantastic instrument. Poorly played they should warrant a beating, at least.

    (And I can't say I think much of a kilt as protective gear on a motorcycle.)

  3. I am incapable of comprehending the statement, "I love bagpipes." That's like loving a headache (which I live with constantly and do not love). Whoever invented that instrument was clearly tone deaf, demented, and viciously evil. That sound makes me want to cheer for the Brits and that takes some doing.

  4. I freely admit that, when played by anyone but an expert, bagpipes create what are among the most horrible sounds ever created. But when heard played properly (that is, in a massed band of experts at least a quarter mile away) they're amazing.

    Though really, that may just be a soft spot for one of the only musical instruments ever banned as an "instrument of war."

  5. Anything that gets bagpipes banned works for me. It's a wonder the Scotts didn't invent a way to march while dragging forks across blackboards.


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