Mar 3, 2011

Another Great Reason to Ride


  1. I've seen these many times but never once thought about riding underneath one.

  2. I knew the WR250X was a hooligan's bike. :)

  3. All supermoto bikes are hooligan bikes. There is something incredibly aggressive about a bike that can go anywhere, do anything.

    I can't say I'd ever thought of going under a sprayer, either.

  4. A couple years ago a buddy and I were coming back home from a day in WI and we came up fast on one of these things and as we closed we both looked at each other and it was obvious we had the same thought... I shook my head at the last moment and we waited to pass normally.
    We easily could have pulled it off, but all I could think of was scaring that poor farmer to death.


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