Jun 22, 2010

Taking the Cat by the Horns

British Petroleum should take a lesson from Agip, the manufacturer of Hello Kitty synthetic oil. Agip's corporate logo, that six-legged cat at the bottom right of the can, is a brilliant advertisment for renaming problems as solutions. Microsoft and Apple have been telling us that software bugs are "features" for 30 years, it's not much of a leap to move air and water pollution into the same category.

"Yeah, our oil causes birth defects and a million other environmental problems, but look at the cute six-legged cat. Gotta love that, don't 'cha?"

And we probably do.


  1. These guys know that oil-in-the-gulf will become another tired brand name and people will stop paying attention. That's how every generation gets to have its own war, sold to it on the basis of righteous patriotism by govt. People forget. What were once big issues devolve into clown shows. People change the channel.

    Now they are admitting it "might be" 120,000 bpd. Maybe the whole floor of the gulf is methane clathrates and all of it will evaporate and burp to the surface and ignite as one huge 4th-of-July celebration.


  2. I wonder if we have good seats for the show in Minnesota?


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