Nov 23, 2014

Truth in Modeling

I have to say I love the fact that the only motorcycle model Maisto makes that comes with a pickup is a Harley. The only improvement they could make on this match-up would be an oil drip pan under the Harley.


  1. The bedliner in the truck might suffice as a drip pan but how about a bed big enough to hold the bike...

  2. Have you checked the overall length on modern cruisers? A new Electraglide is 102" overall, that won't even fit a standard 8' box, let alone the shorter boxes on extended cabs or mid size trucks. Plus it weighs 879# ready to run. A Yamaha Vstar 1300 is 98" and 668#, still too big.
    You would need a 10 ft long ramp to get these into some of todays trucks, with the beds as high as they are.

  3. YouTube is jammed with great demos of how to load your cruiser into a tall pickup. I watch them to put myself to sleep some nights. My Nissan Frontier has a 6' bed and I have to load my WR250 diagonally in it. I'm not sure I'm man enough to try getting the V-Strom up there. Fortunately, it fits on my cheap-ass trailer just fine.

    On the other hand, I don't know if my bed liner is liquid-tight enough to contain all of the fluids dripping from a Harley.

  4. The Harley doesn't leak much oil, because it can't take much oil. It does however leak all of its oil.


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