Dec 11, 2011

Left Speechless?

There aren't that many things that can leave me speechless, but everything associated with this Craig's List ad is wrong. The Hardly marketeers who commissioned this product should be traded to the Village People (The Village People don't have anything that worthless to exchange, so Hardly should just launch their marketing department in the general direction of whatever casino the Villagers are currently playing.). The cupcake who is selling this abomination should be jettisoned into the ocean from the national clown cannon (No, I don't care if it's a 12-yar-old-girl, but we all know it's not.). Even Mattel should take a hit in their micro-macho rating for packaging such a poofster product.

$350? Who says the economy is trashed? If this lamester can get $3 for this POS somebody has a lot of cash to trash. If I ran Hardly, I'd be buying all this crap up and burning it to recover whatever reputation the company has left.


Erik R said...

More proof that some brands are more about image than substance. You know that there is some "biker", I use the term loosly, that is going to snap them up and put them on top of his matching bar and stools. Next to his matching motor company rug and pillows..... in his image coodinated basement...

I live next to people that have 2 "real" motorcycles. I've lived in this house 8 years and have seen the bikes being washed and on display, but NEVER ridden.

Just to be fair, it's not the "brand" I dislike, it's the image that goes with it!

Anonymous said...

They could have made them more realistic as well, with the Barbies having inflated bosoms and tats, and Ken should have had a beer belly and a beard(he just looks gay as is).