Feb 18, 2008

MSF and You?

I had to re-register myself on the MSF's instructor site today. Looking back at last year, I realized that I committed most of the last two summers to teaching motorcycling and, other than a trip to Alaska and a later trip to western Kansas, I hadn't been riding all that much. I commute, of course, but that barely adds 5,000 miles a year to my bike each year. Alaska added just short of 10,000 miles in June and Kansas put another 2,000 on the odometer.

It's hard to be current enough on the MSF cirriculum to be an effective teacher and to find enough time/energy to ride enough to be a credible one. Last year, I felt pretty confident about my teaching style and my riding cred. Year before, not so much.

I'd love to hear from some new riders about their MSF class experience. We do a "customer satisfaction" review after each class, but I wonder if the answers would be different a few weeks after the class.

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