Feb 21, 2017

Riding Shotgun

shotgunRiding Shotgun is a book by a friend of mine, Paul Schaefer, who is also a motorcyclist, an anthropologist and college anthropology instructor, and a Wisconsin organic farmer. Regretfully, there is no motorcycle content, but since Paul is full of motorcycle content, I thought I’d pimp the book here in case you need something to read.

Riding Shotgun is a little bit Elmore Lenonard, in that there are multiple plot lines running in parallel and independently. The characters are well-developed and interesting and so it the story.

‘nough said. Go buy the book.


Brad Sinn said...

Who knew you had so many followers in Singapore?

Thomas Day said...

Usually Google's spam detector works better than that.

Thomas Day said...

If I could only get all of those Russians, Chinese, and Singapore hackers to buy Paul's book.