Jun 14, 2013

Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Meets the Triumph Rocket III

And there is a Harley ad that is unintentionally funnier, unconsciously dumber, and depressingly repetitive and mindless. Nothing like 100 dressed-alike posers pretending to be independent thinkers to remind us that we’re always #1 in being dumbasses.

Sometimes I think Hardly's marketing department is trying to make it easy for comedians. For example, compare the end of the Hardly ad to a more substantial piece of art:

The last time I found two videos so perfectly linked was when I watched Led Zepplin's "The Song Remains the Same" right after "Spinal Tap." Honestly, sometimes I think "The Company" is setting me up. Sometimes, I feel like the fat kid picking on the kid in a wheelchair on a junior high playground. They just make it too fuckin' easy.


Chiller tek said...

Ha listening to the harley add, sounds a bit like Star Treks next generation.

We are the borg.

Thomas Day said...

With full respect for Paul's friend, as he said, "Remember, all rugged individualists must dress alike."

Thomas Day said...

I would add to that, rugged individuals must all go in the same direction with the same destination at he same speed and in a traffic clogging pack.