Jan 1, 2013

Spreadin' It Around

This is more of a New Year's entry than a motorcycle thing. However, Scott is a good friend and this is one of the many wonderful songs on his CD, The Gift of Thirst. It just seems appropriate for the day, the year, and these times. I hope you all have a good year and that the Mayan's were right and this is the beginning of a new era. The old one sucked.


  1. The song does seem appropriate..... I have to agree 2012 sucked news wise. So many bad things happening that didn't need to occur.

    Let's hope for a more peaceful 2013. Probably wishful thinking, but I can try.

  2. Agreed. Gonna repost this if I can. Thx.

  3. Scottie is a great artist and you never go wrong listening to his music.


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