Feb 21, 2020

More Image Promotion?

Motorcyclists are on a serious downswing, image-wise. It would be nice if we weren't over-represented by gangbangers on Hardlys. But we are and this is one consequence of a continuing declining image. On the upside, Guy Pierce is one of my favorite actors, so I bet it is entertaining.


  1. On the plus side, the sound of the Harley jousting with Guy Pierce on a horse sounded more like my Vespa than the V-twins I hear thundering around here.

    I don't think the portrayals of motorcycles are what's going to strangle riding into a quaint little niche activity of old men, it's the addictive adrenaline inducing video games that will draw away the would be riders of the future. Who wants to go on a boring ride down the road when you can kill zombies or fly spaceships??

  2. You need a better sound system, but I agree it was closer to a real motorcycle than a Hardly sound. I guess I've never heard a Hardly rev'd up much, though.

    I think 50 years of promoting the gangbanger image is what put bikes in the "quaint little niche activity of old men" and women. We have a buttload of those characters around there and between the non-existent riding skills and the Village People outfits and the blue hairs, it's tough to imagine a kid wanting to "be like" any of those bozos.

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